Scott is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. And I’ve worked with a several of them. My 11 yr old home was up for sale in Odenton MD in the early summer, and I regrettably chose another REMAX realtor without doing my homework. This realtor, who is also a well known realtor, put the house up for sale, leaving everything on auto-pilot. He was hard to contact, often I ended up leaving messages with his assistant, and over the next three months we only got eight (8) showings during one of the best markets, and no offers. I knew something was up; after reducing the price three times, and still without any recourse, in the early fall I contacted Scott. We chose Scott because he was one of the highest volume realtors in my area — and expertise in the local market speaks volumes. Scott immediately identified the problems in my earlier listing 1) Our house was waay overpriced 2) Our realtor had under-listed the square footage of the house (it takes someone who really knows the market to identify that since even I wasn’t aware of it) and 3) He immediately pointed out small repairs that would have a significant overall impact on the impression. Not to mention by this time I had moved across the country to Texas! What set Scott apart from everyone else is that he single-handedly (well, double-handedly since he did it with his partner-in-crime, Stacey Singleton), handled everything with respect to the sale of the house — right from the listing, advertising (beautiful brochures, yard signs, electronic listings), repairs and showings. In fact, in the fall, at the same asking price we received an offer in 10 days; and we moved ahead. When we approached the negotiation phase, we truly felt Scott had our best interests in mind, and again he coordinated everything including additional repairs to be performed at a reasonable price while I was in Texas. Literally, we completed this entire deal without ever meeting Scott in person.

I can state from personal experience after this wonderful experience, that you will not find a better realtor than Scott. I regret that I didn’t find him sooner (had I done that I would have sold the house much sooner). But I am so glad that I finally landed on him. If you are a seller, take my advice — your realtor ABSOLUTELY will make a difference. My personal story is a testament to that fact.

Rwickra December 21, 2016

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